Mathieu Hercberg

Real estate expert

Real estate expert

Mathieu Hercberg


A real estate appraisal expert witness is an appraiser who is considered a seasoned expert in the field.

He can also testify on the valuation of a real estate dispute before a court.


Master of Business Administration – University of Cambridge, UK

Post graduate degree in Finance and Econometry – University of Sorbonne, FR

Master’s in real estate – University of Paris Dauphine, FRANCE

Undergraduate degree in applied mathematics, University of Lyon, FRANCE

As a real estate owner / operator in France, it is likely that someday you will require assistance from an industry expert.

More specifically I can be of help in two main following cases:

In the context of litigation or pre-litigation, I can help you better understand the industry standards and provide a lens through which to view the case considering my extensive experience in the field.

I will gather the relevant information and conduct the necessary analysis to a successful outcome in court – or to ensure a stronger negotiating position with your opposing party by assessing your odds in court.

Outside of any litigation process, you might need to have a better understanding of the industry standards, to know the market rental value of a property or its fair market value (leasehold or freehold valuation, French “viager”, etc.)

I can guide you trough the different legal and technical approaches to improve your rental revenues, advise you on how to best structure and finance your estate, etc.

I can assist you in formalizing what is at stake, identify the key indicators relevant to your investments and measure their respective impacts on your estate so as to make the right business decision.

I can help as a third-party facilitator with your tenants or any other counterpart to maximize the chances of reaching a win-win business outcome.

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