Valuation / Underwriting
You might want to know the value of a property in the case of a divorce procedure, before selling it at the right price or in order to get a refinancing
Share Valuation
You might need to know the value of a stake in a company owning real estate. Let me help you better understand the value of the owned assets, the different tax implications, such as deferred tax liabilities under the French system.
A viager is a popular real estate transaction in France. It consists of a buyer down payment (called the "bouquet" for a tiny fraction of the market value of the property) and then a series of payments for as long as the seller is alive. Sellers are often widowers in need of a regular additional source of income after the death of their plus one.
Let me help you raise the best (re)financing backed by your real restate assets. I can be of assistance with the computation of all the KPI's lenders will look at: Loan To Value ratio, Debt Service Coverage Ratios, etc. Knowing market practice in the field, I can assist you in obtaining the best financing conditions.